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Get Running with Run NNK!

Taking up running or beginning a walking program can seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit.
Run NNK will help you gradually work up to being able to run or walk a 5K in just 10 weeks.

The program is for new runners or walkers - people just getting started or re-started with running or walking. The Spring program starts on January 1 and lasts 10 weeks. The program will lead up to the Run NNK Earth Day 5K on April 21. The program is free for club members and $20 for non-members (which includes a one year Run NNK membership.) If you've wanted to start or re-start running, come on out and join us. If you've never run before - that's OK. We are ready to work with all runners and walkers regardless of pace. The club will offer a $5 discount for those completing the program and entering the Earth Day 5K.

How does the Run NNK Program Work?

Probably the biggest challenge a new runner faces is not knowing how or where to start. Often when trying to get into exercise, we can overdo it, feel defeated and give up when we're just getting started.  The Run NNK program works because it starts with a mix of running and walking to gradually build up your fitness and stamina. Week 1 involves running for just a minute at a time, creating realistic expectations and making the challenge feel achievable right from the start.

The program is designed to gradually move participants to being able to run for 30 minutes. If you are a walker, we'll get you walking for up to an hour. Participants receive a detailed 10 week schedule that involves 3 to 4 workouts per week, with 2 group run meetings with club coaches.  The group sessions provide extra motivation in a supportive, low key way.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of benefits from getting into running. For starters, it's an easy way of improving your physical health. Running requires no equipment but a good pair of running shoes.
Running regularly will improve the health of your heart and lungs. It can also help you lose weight, especially if combined with a healthy diet.
There's evidence it may help increase bone density in some people, which can help protect against bone diseases like osteoporosis.
There are also mental benefits of running. Taking on the challenge of training for a 5K can help boost your confidence as you prove to yourself that you can set yourself a target and achieve a goal. Running regularly can also be a great stress reliever and has even been shown to combat depression.

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If you have any questions about the program email Bill Kirby so we can plan accordingly.

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